Storage Solution Bathroom Decoration Ideas

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When a bathroom must accommodate multiple people, homeowners are bound to want bathroom decoration ideas that provide storage solutions. Clutter is the bane of shared bathrooms. Finding space to keep all the personal toiletry items that each member of the household needs is essential to quelling clutter. Making the bathroom vanities while providing adequate storage is even more challenging. Fortunately, with the average American bathroom measuring in at only about 50 square feet, this common problem has prompted a variety of solutions.

Go Vertical When it comes to storage solutions, bathroom walls are frequently underutilized. Multi-tiered towel racks are essential for shared bathrooms. They keep wet towels from winding up on the floor. Towel bars installed on the back of the bathroom door are another option. Bars are preferable to hooks, as it’s easy to hang other items on hooks, creating clutter. The dizzying array of shelving options available can make choosing the right product challenging. Homeowners need to weigh priorities when making a selection. Open shelving works better at reducing clutter, making it easy for users to put items away. Accessible units collect dust and grime more easily, however.

Sliding glass doors keep things visible but require frequent cleaning to stay looking their best. Open shelving made with easily maintained materials can be a good compromise. Shelving can serve as bathroom decorations, too. Cubby-hole shelving units are decorative in their own right. Available in a wide range of colors, they add visual and architectural interest to bathrooms. By providing space for only one or two objects, their small size helps contain clutter as well. Vanity of Vanities The right pride can solve a host of storage challenges. Modern vanities are usually better designed than the two-door, two-shelf models that were so prevalent in the last century, with drawers and compartments in various sizes. As small toiletries can get lost in the back of cabinets, many homeowners prefer vanities with multiple drawers.

Organizers keep them from turning into junk drawers. Designating a drawer for each member of the household helps prevent squabbles over space. For cabinets, storage solution bathroom decoration ideas include the roll-out trays typically used for the kitchen. They are particularly useful for storing paper products, such as tissue boxes and toilet paper, and for extra bath linens. Hooks attached to the inside of cabinet doors can be used to hold electric shavers, hair dryers or flat irons.

Magnetized Medicine Cabinets Magnetic hooks attached to the back of the medicine cabinet can help keep the unit clutter-free. The end of the office can be lined with a pre-cut sheet of steel. An easy and affordable alternative is to use strips of magnetic tape inside the cabinet. They will keep metallic cups and containers used to store small items in place. Storage solution bathroom decoration ideas cannot only make hard-working bathrooms more efficient, but more stylish as well. Matching colors, materials, and finishes to existing hardware and fixtures help create a unified look to the room.