Stick to Your Guns until the Holiday Eating is Done

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Christmas can bring a certain sense of dread with it for those who are determined to eat sensibly.  Walk into the grocery store, and every magazine cover has a picture of the perfect cake, cookies or pie on it, photoshopped so perfectly you can almost smell the aroma coming off the page.  Turn on the television and there are tons of commercials showing families sitting down to heaping bowls of perfectly whipped mashed potatoes loaded with butter, hot crescent rolls or cookies fresh from the oven, piping hot with chocolate chips melting down the sides.  It’s enough to make you run out to the store and grab the first layer cake you see.  Then there’s pumpkin this and pumpkin that everywhere you turn.  If you didn’t know better, you’d think there was a vast conspiracy against those who want to maintain their diets and healthy lifestyles.  But the truth is, many people can eat rich, sweet and starchy food and never gain an ounce of fat.  Then there are those who add pounds just by walking by a bakery.  Where ever you fall in the battle to stick to your diet, if you need a boost, turn to the experts at Weight Watchers.

Millions of people have subscribed to their programs because they have a proven formula for success.  They understand how miserable you can feel when you have to sit at the table with your younger, prettier sister who’s a perpetual size 6.  They know the pain of the first Christmas without a beloved parent or spouse and how tempted you are to eat the hurt away.  And they’ve look in the mirror at a face that’s grown so old, no $100 cream is going to erase those wrinkles.  They can assure you that you can eat the hurt away, but not if you eat a dozen donuts.  Weight Watchers make signing up for their plans easy and affordable by offering discounts through Groupon that will save $20 off a select starter plan, plus there are many other codes good for exclusive deals and freebies that are only available through Groupon.

Don’t ask what you should bring to the potluck this year.  Tell them you’ve joined Weight Watchers and will be sticking to your diet.  There’s no holiday tradition that says you have to eat yourself into a sugar coma.  When it’s time to gather at the family table, tell them to lead by example with healthy food choices.  Follow your example and join you in a Weight Watchers program.  Or stay the hell out of your way.