Creative Ways to Provide More Privacy for Your Home

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Having friendly neighbors is something most of us all wish to receive when we move into a new home. However, sometimes your neighbors can be snoopier than you may prefer. For these times it can help to create more privacy for your home so that you can relax and enjoy your home life without worrying about prying eyes. Let’s look at some creative ways to bring more privacy to your home below.

Interior Shutters

The traditional blinds and curtains can still leave some silhouettes shining out. With indoor shutters, you can completely shut off of the interior of your home to the outside world. These typically wooden features allow for full window coverage when you want it and open up to allow the sun to shine in when you want to let in the outdoors. These are very affordable and customizable when you order them through

Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants maintain their leaves all year long, which make them the perfect plant for your privacy needs. Plants tend to be considered a gentler barrier between you and your neighbors as opposed to fences and walls. The beauty of evergreen plants is you can opt for different coverage ranges so you can find the perfect fit for your yard. If you are more interested in complete privacy, opt for an evergreen that has dense branches and broad leaves.

Hanging Pots and Vines 

If you are looking to make your outside porch more private, then hanging pots and vines are your answer. These can create a beautiful look that will keep the mood light but still give you that privacy in which you desperately seek. Vines can run from the bottom of your porch to the top when you install lattice or rods. Hanging pots should be hung up in a tiered fashion to create the most privacy.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens can be installed anywhere around your home where you would enjoy a little more privacy from those around you. These screens can be made out of many different materials and come in a plethora of designs. Wood is by far the most popular material for privacy screens. You can utilize just one screen for a side angle or even use three or four screens to create a whole new outside private room for your enjoyment pleasure.

Window Films

One easy way to keep prying eyes from the interior of your home is to install window films. These are tints that can be placed on all your home windows which will block those on the outside from seeing into your home. Many of these films allow for a clear view from the inside of the house out, so you don’t have to worry about losing your own view. Be careful with mirrored films as they only tend to be effective in the daytime.

Creating more privacy for your home doesn’t have to be a difficult feat. By following the tips outlined above you can start gaining more privacy today. We encourage you to always ensure whatever privacy upgrades you make to your home flow with its original design.