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Cabinet hinges and drawer slides

Whether you build your kitchen cabinets with solid wood or a wood based panel such as MelaWood, you need to ensure that the accessories like hinges and drawer slides are good quality and used correctly. If not you may find that your new kitchen is aesthetically pleasing but not at all practical.

Cabinet hinges and drawer slides can really affect the ease and efficiency with which your cabinet drawers and doors open and close. It makes sense to spend a little more on functionality, quality and even style.


The old faithful of the kitchen cupboard industry is the European hinge. That’s typically the hingethat needs a hole 35mm in diameter and 12mm deep to fit securely.

The adjustable cabinet hinges sometimescome equipped with soft-closing features which are particularly prevalent in the top-of-the-range products. These are perfect for fast-movers who have no time to waste on inefficient cabinet doors! You simply can’t beat the smooth experience of opening and closing doorfitted with quality hinges.

Some cabinet hinges are self-closing – others, not. For the latteryou may want to consider using catches to keep the kitchen cabinet doors closedbut these arebecoming somewhat old-fashioned and are not used so much anymore. Catches range from mechanical devices to earth magnets that are installed inside kitchen the actual cabinet doors themselves.

The classic butt hinges are traditionally used for inset doors and you can get these in either unmortised or mortised form. Mortised butt hinges require more time and precision to install but … Read More